In 2014 & 2015, I made an unbelievably overcomplicated feature film that doesn't particularly work. Set in a fictional hybrid of Hong Kong & Los Angeles, it follows a man's search for his missing girlfriend through an enigmatic underworld, Murakami-esque dreamscapes, and run-ins with memory diseases and weird art projects.

The crew maxed out at 6 people and many days it was only my wife recording sound plus me. At the same time, it required an extraordinary amount of hard work and effort from countless actors and people willing to help in some way.

In the near future, I might streamline it into a short film so that it can exist online for posterity.

Starring Jesse Threatt, Emily Kaplan, Zoe Lau,
Daniella Down, Michael Leung, Alexandra Hensley & Graham Bowlin
Produced by Kevin Tadge & Laura Lamp
Photographed by Alexander Sablow & Kevin Tadge
Edited by Wes Latta
Music by Pedro Curvello
Sound Design by Benjamin Guilbault

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